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The Royale

Situated right around the corner from the Tin Can, The Royale is another in a series of modern restaurants that believes in kitsch over content. Though their food can be great and their service is usually top-notch, it fills up fast and is often too crowded to get a seat right away.

The menus are converted books, the walls are plastered with stuff, like a hipster Applebees and the waitstaff is invariably tattooed and pierced.

But the real prize is buried in their menu and it goes by the name of The Royale. Original, huh?

What it is : 10oz of Australian Kobe beef and a secret seasoning recipe.

What it tastes like : Imagine riding a meat unicorn to a rainbow of spices.  The beef is the real hero here, juicy and tangy on its own, supplemented by their seasonings.

The veggies were OK, not the freshest, but it’s such a big burg that you’re not really worried about that by the time you sink your teeth in. Additional veggies, like artichoke hearts, red peppers and olives come with an extra cost, but it’s reasonable and the taste is amazing.

The cheese selection was great, but it also cost extra. Though an extra 50 cents for cheddar, bleu cheese, provolone, feta or goat cheese is just fine with me.

People who don’t have $10 to spare on a big ol’ burg can still grab The Kingshighway, an 8oz Angus burger, with the same options as The Royale. It’s still a little high, even for a “boutique” burger, ringing in at $7.

Every burger comes with one side dish, though French Fries are mysteriously absent. Why have a gigantic, delicious burger and not suppliment it with its natural ally? Well, the answer to that is that The Royale serves some interesting choices instead.  You can get sweet potato chips (made at the bar), a salad, black beans, potato salad, tortillas and pico de gayo, as well as a corn salad and a  cucumber salad.

So, all-told, if you can stand the snooty pretentious atmosphere, if you’re ready to try a Kobe beef burger, if you really don’t care for fries with your burger and if you want to pay $4 for a bottle of beer, you could do worse than The Royale.

The Royale burger stands head-and-shoulders above most burgers in the area, mostly because of the Kobe beef and the spices it comes with. The option to put red peppers, artichoke hearts and olives on this big slab of burg makes the difference, as do the inventive side dishes that can help bring out the juicy burger’s taste and compliment it very well.