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Seamus McDaniel’s – Mushroom n’ Swiss

Seamus McDaniel’s is right around the corner from me in dogtown, and while getting my bass setup tweaked at Acme Guitars, I dropped in on a whim and a burg binge.

I opted for the Mushroom and Swiss, with Sauteed Onions, and let me tell you, it’s an experience worth writing home about!

First off, the overall quality of the burg is flavorful. The mushrooms and onions, the uber-melty swiss, and the just-charred-enough grade A beef blend perfectly and one bite begs for another. The bun was toasted just right too.

Size? This one is a mother, but it is just right by itself (you won’t care about the fries afterwards anyway)

So there’s a burger worth a visit to Dogtown!