Yeah, it’s one of those kinds of hidden treasures, tucked away at the very end of Sutton in Maplewood, not that far from Manchester’s cornucopia of culinary delights. It’s a bar. An Irish bar, to be specific, which gives them bonus points right off the bat.

There’s a stable of regulars at Foley’s, a motley crew of construction workers and union men, hard-scrabble people with an allegiance to the place. And it might be hard to see why at first. The bar isn’t all that great, but the beers are cheap, the food is cheap and the service is fast and friendly.

The burgers? Oh the burgers. Thick, juicy, meaty and cooked within an inch of their lives. The bun is bigger than most places, which helps you keep eating. Veggies are plentiful and fresh, even the pickles. The cheese selection is limited, but you probably don’t want anything more than a slice of cheddar getting between you and this meaty hunk of burg.

Happy hour is 4-6, with bottled A-B products at $1.50 a pop. The burger will cost you about $3.00 and a side of fries another $1.50. You can get out of there with all that for about $6, but that’s assuming you don’t tip.

And you don’t want to skimp on the tip here, because the service is friendly and personal. The staff knows what they do and they do it well, delivering drinks to a crowded bar and your food to your table with the same speed.

According to St. Louis Magazine, they have the best burgers in town. I might not go that far, but you can see where they’re coming from.

Highly recommended.


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