The Tin Can

No one in this town knows more about being both cheap and good like the fine folks at the Tin Can. There’s two locations in St. Louis, one of which is downtown on Locust and the other is on Morganford, right off Tower Grove Park.

For the purposes of this review, we’re sticking close to my house in Tower Grove and reviewing their ultimate tribute to the King, the Tin Can Ten.

First, a note about the place itself. Tin Can focuses on beer in cans. They have drafts and bottles and wine and mixed drinks, too, but the place is adorned with canned beers. Cans line the walls, can-holders (coozies to some) take up the remaining space and everywhere you look there’s a beer sign, a beer mirror, a beer chair & table set… It’s a loving tribute to cheap canned beer and it makes this North County boy proud to say I know almost all the brands on the list. You have the majestic Strohs, the stout Olympia, brisk Old Style, meaty Hamms and many many many more.

But we’re here to talk about “dat burg”… The Tin Can Ten.

What we have here is two 5oz patties crammed under a bun, with melted cheese (I recommend the Pepper Jack) and sauteed onions.

Heed this warning, this burger might kill you. It’s big. I mean, really big. It’s so big, I had to stop because my jaw hurt. It’s so big, after eating the whole thing my four-beer buzz was gone like it never happened.

The burgers and all the sandwiches at the Tin Can don’t come with sides. In the case of the Tin Can Ten, you won’t need them, although an extra $2 for an order of fries is annoying, whether you need them or not.

On the menu, it gives you the option to wuss out and go with a single 5oz patty. On a seperate trip, we tried this option, to give this review a more full sense of the burg in question. The Tin Can Five is just as good, just as delicious and just as thick as the Ten.

After all that, we get to the negatives. First, the burger is not consistent. From one visit to the next, I was never sure of whether the burg would end up super-greasy or kinda dry. The cheese would come out un-melted on occasion, though this is not a deal-breaker. The onions can make or break the burger, either complimenting the cheese flavor or overpowering it altogether. And the damn thing’s HUGE. I felt ten pounds heavier walking out than I did walking in, though the beer could have added to that effect.

All-told, it’s a solid burg with a few quality-control issues, but one that is worth every penny. Heck, you can even skimp down to the Tin Can Five and save a couple of bucks, which you can use to buy another Old Milwaukee.

Also recommended : Though we try to focus strictly on burgers here at AMAMB, if you’re going to Tin Can, you would be remiss if you didn’t try a few additional things like the Bottom Feeder – a catfish filet sandwich – the Backyard Bomber – a Pork Rib sandwich – and their amazing Chili.


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