Missouri Bar & Grill

There’s a certain appeal to walking to get a burger. I can walk from my workplace on Washington right to this bar, Missouri Bar & Grill. Some days I see Post-Dispatch columnist Bill McClellan sitting there, solemnly eating the daily special from the Cafeteria-style lunch menu. (I hear Bill’s got his own Bar & Grill, we will have a review of his burgers coming soon).

But if you stroll into the Bar section of the Bar & Grill, there’s a full menu of greasy-spoon favorites, along with a few surprises – I didn’t think downtown Bar & Grill joints would ever have call for someone ordering a Gyro, but then again, I review burgers for fun, so what do I know?

Back to the subject at hand, Missouri Bar & Grill’s burgers are pitiful. I don’t say that with any kind of malice towards the place, in fact, I have nothing but respect for the downright staunch anti-yuppy atmosphere and unpretentious attitude of everyone from the regulars to the staff.

But it bears repeating. Missouri Bar & Grill’s burgers are awful.

First, for the money, you get next to no meat. A “1/2lb” burger becomes a withered grotesquery once you see it on the bun. Second, the veggies are soggy and nasty, worse than you’d expect. Third, the last one I had tasted like someone had put out their cigar in the meat.

Even at $2.50, you would do well to avoid the burgers at Missouri Bar & Grill. Save yourself the heartache and go for the Cafeteria-style lunch special, which is about $7 and includes a meat, 2 sides and a drink. You end up with a lot of food that’s more satisfying than their burgers, which makes this burger-loving man a sad guy.

If you do go in, say hi to Bill for me.


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